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Client Feedback

Selling, moving and purchasing a new home all at once can be overwhelming. Jenneen guided me and kept me focused room by room. We decluttered, purged, sold furniture, donated and packed.  Jenneen even helped me with a two day garage sale to help lessen my load.  I was less stressed and felt so much better moving with fewer items. Jenneen is an incredible organizer and an even kinder person!

Nancy K.

Wyckoff, NJ

In just a few hours, Jenneen organized my entire kitchen pantry.  She created an organized space that made sense.

Annemarie M.

Cedar Grove, NJ

Prior to selling our home, Jenneen helped organize, pack, sell and donate years of items including clothes, furniture, children’s toys, etc.  It made my move that much lighter.  Jenneen has since helped in my new home to organize closets and my boy’s bedroom.  She has a vision and gets the job done!

Donna V.

Wyckoff, NJ

I needed help before a major renovation to my home.  Jenneen’s expertise on selling large furniture made my space easy to demo in a short notice.

Noreen M.

Rockland, NY

After years and years of keeping my two daughter’s clothes in a guest room, Jenneen helped to sort, organize, donate and make keepsake boxes.  Jenneen even helped me with a two-day garage sale of all the items for sale.  A life saver, for sure!

Susan F.

Wyckoff, NJ

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Jenneen spent a half a day going room to room in my home, taking out what was no longer needed.  She was able to advise on what was worth keeping, donating and throwing out.  She even took the donations to a local shop that benefits the local schools.

Marie A.

Ramsey, NJ

After 25+ years in our home, where we raised our three children we accumulated so much stuff.  Jenneen assured me that we could prepare the house for showings/sale and that she did and then some!  She lifted, hauled garbage bags down to the curb and organized my home better than I could have imagined.  I was so grateful for her time and energy!

Naomi L.

Wayne, NJ 

My kitchen space was transformed.  Jenneen has a natural eye and passion to see that everything has its right place in a room.

Maura S.

Wyckoff, NJ

Impressive, Jeneen was a pleasure to work with, her expertise and organizational skills were beyond words. After living in our house for 4 years we finally have a place to walk in our workshop. Thank you Jeneen for making my day and taking away the daily stress of my thinking about the mess that I just couldn’t conquer myself. Thank you for all your ideas and making it a fun experience.

Kathy M.

Oakland, NJ

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